Collecting Paramedical Certificates (MLT, Radiographer, Physiotherapist, etc)

  • National Identity card or Driving License 
  • Only Ministry of Health Certificate holders, please bring original Ministry of Health certificate.
  • Mondays only from 9am to 2pm.

Notice to Applicants who apply for Proficiency as Medical Laboratory Technologists
This document guides applicants who have graduated with degrees in Science and related disciplines other than Medical Laboratory Technology(MLT).
The candidates with degrees in Science and related disciplines e.g. Molecular Biology, Biotechnology and, Biomedical Science etc. are required to complete the following additional training in an accredited clinical Laboratory prior to certification.
1. A two-year full-time training program as in-service MLTs in an accredited laboratory with minimum 5-month rotations each in Histopathology, Clinical pathology, Medical Microbiology, Hematology and a 4 month rotation in Molecular Biology, under supervision.

2. A logbook to be maintained during the in-service program, with each entry certified by the senior manager/ technologist of the laboratory.

3. Each training slot has to be certified by a Consultant of that specialty after a competency evaluation of the trainee by a planned evaluation programme.
If any candidate has completed a component of the above requirements, during the degree programme, an exemption for the specific component will be provided. This will be considered on a case-by-case basis